Gel French Manicure With Gel Dipping Powder

Posted by Abbie on May 24th 2016

Dip Gel Makes French Manicures Perfect Every Time

Who doesn't love a classic french manicure? It just looks sophisticated and clean. And when you're using Nail Dips gel dipping powder, it's SO easy to get that perfect half-moon shape for your white tips!

What You'll Need

  • Tools to clean and shape your nails (nail file, clippers, etc.)
  • A buffing block
  • French Manicure Starter Kit, which includes
    • A jar of our Divinity white powder
    • A jar of our Dazzling pink powder
    • A 4 liquid polishes

Prepare Your Nails

As always, the very first step is to prep your nails. Cut them, clean them and file them. You'll want to shape your nails to whatever your preferred french manicure style is. Some people like to have square tips, some like oval, some like round... Do whatever suits your style!

After you're satisfied with the shape and length of your nails, apply one coat of the Step #1 liquid polish - Protect. This polish is designed to protect your manicure and ensure it stays on perfectly! It not only cleans your nail, but dehydrates it to prepare your nail for your gel powder manicure.

Get Your French Manicure

It's so simple to get a perfect gel french manicure with gel dipping powder.

The nice part about using gel dipping powder for a pink and white manicure is that you get a perfect white tip every single time. Here's how to do it:

  1. Shake both jars of gel powder to loosen the powder inside, and open them up.
  2. Apply a thin, even coat of the Step #2 liquid - Prepare.
  3. Gently rest your finger on the rim of the Divinity white jar of dip gel, and let just the tip of your nail go into the powder. Just dip far enough to get your desired thickness for your white tip.
  4. Then, IMMEDIATELY dip your entire nail in the Dazzling pink powder. 
  5. Do all ten fingers, then repeat the process for a second coat. The second coat is a great time to make sure your white tips are nice and even on both sides of your nail.
  6. From there, you should be able to see just how gorgeous your gel french manicure is going to look! Now, you just need to complete the gel dipping process! So, the next step is to apply a generous coat of the Step #3 liquid - Activate. Let it dry 30 seconds, or until it's completely dry.
  7. Buffer your entire nail, and make sure that the white tips blends seamlessly into the pink. You want it to look smooth from all sides, and have an even thickness on your entire nail. 
  8. Use a nail file to shape your nail as needed. Also, file the edges of your nail and as close to the cuticle as possible so your manicure grows out smoothly.
  9. Apply another coat of Activate and wait for it to dry completely. 30 seconds is usually enough, but I recommend waiting 1-2 minutes just to be safe!
  10. Finally, apply 2 coats of the Step #4 liquid - Gloss, and make sure to cap the ends of your nails. Give it about 3 minutes to dry completely.

That's It!

And that's it! So easy. You're going to be addicted to this gel manicure!