5 Reasons You Should Be Using Gel Dip Powder

Posted by Abbie on Jun 13th 2016

Have you ever tried a gel dip powder manicure? If not, you're missing out. It's all the things you love about getting your nails done at the salon...except without the salon! But it's also more durable than any nail polish you've ever used. Here are some reasons why you should give gel dip powder a try for your next manicure:

1. Gel dip powder lasts longer and is chip resistant.

Definitely the most frustrating thing about doing your nails is having to deal with ugly chips. It seems like as soon as you paint your nails, they need to be redone. That's not the case with gel dip powder. Gel powder manicures will remain absolutely flawless for 2-3 weeks. Gel dip powder is crack and chip resistant, so you can wear your gorgeous manicure longer! 

Not only will your nails look perfect, but they'll feel just as strong as they look. In fact, dip powders are even stronger than typical gel polish, and just as durable as acrylics. 

2. Gel dip powder is fast and easy to apply.

Probably the best part about gel dip powders is that it's very easy to apply. Many ladies stay away from doing regular gel manicures because it's hard to apply and requires expensive UV or LED lights. But gel dip powder is easy enough for anyone to apply, even young girls. It also takes about 30% less time to apply than acrylics.

3. Gel dip powder is better for your nails.

Have you ever had an acrylic or gel manicure, and noticed that your nails felt weak after you removed the manicure? That's because acrylics and gel polishes contain ingredients known for weakening nails. Many people are even allergic to the ingredients in acrylics and gel polishes! Not with Nail Dips' gel powders, though. We don't use these harmful ingredients.

In fact, the glue used in our liquid polishes is similar to what you might find in a hospital used to seal up cuts in place of stitches. So you know it's safe! And after your first gel powder manicure, you'll notice that your nails feel strong and healthy! That's because our gel powders are fortified with Vitamin E and Calcium for healthy nail growth.

4. Gel dip powder looks amazing.

Gel dip powders will help you achieve a gorgeous manicure - all by yourself! No salon needed. When you use dipping powders, you nails will have incredible shine and look perfect. Every. Time. 

Plus, dip gel is the absolute easiest way to get a flawless french manicure. Pink and white is easy when all you need to do is dip your nail in powder! It's strong and shiny, but still remains lightweight and flexible. All finished off with a non-yellowing, glossy top coat!

5. Gel dip powder saves you money.

How much do you spend on gel or acrylic manicures at the salon? Probably about $40, plus tax and tip, right? And that's just for one manicure. Stop wasting money! One 2 ounce jar of Nail Dips gel powders lasts about 50 manicures! You'll save money by doing your own long lasting gel manicures at home, without the expensive equipment.

Get started with gel dipping powders today! Try one of our gel powder kits to get started.