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How to Apply Dip Powder to Your Toes



Yes, you can apply dip powder to your toes! Here's how.

So you already are completely in love with Nail Dips dip powder. Right!? You love the super shiny, super gorgeous, long lasting manicure. Yas, girl. You're not alone!

A lot of you have been asking how you can get the same durable results on your toes. Well, here's your answer! It's very similar to how you apply Nail Dips to your fingers, but instead of dipping your toes in the powder, you're going to pour it on.

Prep your toes.

Cut your toenails to your desired length and shape. Use a file or buffer to remove the shine from your nail and roughen it up a bit. This ensures that your dip powder pedicure sticks to your toenail and does not pop off.

Also apply one coat of the Step #1 dip nails liquid, Protect.

Apply the dip powder.

Alright, now is the fun part.

Set yourself up for this step by grabbing a piece of paper to place under your foot. When you're pouring the dip powder on your toenails, the paper will catch the powder so you can funnel the excess back into the jar.

Place your foot on the paper, and apply one coat of the Step #2 liquid, Prepare. Once the liquid polish has been applied, take your jar of dip powder and pour powder over the entire nail.

Do this to all ten toenails, then use another brush (a simple makeup brush works!) and brush the excess powder from your toes. Carefully remove your foot from the paper, and use the paper to funnel the excess powder back into the jar.

Then repeat for a second coat of dip powder!

Finish the Nail Dips process.

From here, your pedicure continues the exact same way a Nail Dips dip powder manicure does! Apply a generous coat of Step #3, Activate. Give it about 30 seconds to dry.

Once dry, file around the edges of your toenail to shape the nail, and buff the entire surface of your toenail. 

Then, apply one more generous coat of Activate. This time, make sure it's absolutely, completely dry. I like to give it about 1-2 minutes.

Now it's time to apply Step #4, Gloss. Apply a first coat of Gloss to all ten toenails, then immediately apply a second coat to all ten toenails. Gloss dries pretty quickly, but just to be safe, let it dry for about 3 minutes.


It's literally could not be any easier to get a gel pedicure!

Got some questions?

Please reach out to us! You can contact us here, or email info@naildips.com.


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