How to Apply Dip Powder to Your Toes

Jul 24th 2016

Yes, you can apply dip powder to your toes! Here's how. So you already are completely in love with Nail Dips dip powder. Right!? You love the super shiny, super gorgeous, long lasting manicure. Ya … read more

CONTEST! Create and win your own Sampler Pack!

Posted by Abbie on Jun 26th 2016

Our Sampler Packs are by far our most popular item! You all love being able to get 4 colors to try out instead of one. But it's hard to decide what colors to put in each pack. us create … read more

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Gel Dip Powder

Posted by Abbie on Jun 13th 2016

Have you ever tried a gel dip powder manicure? If not, you're missing out. It's all the things you love about getting your nails done at the salon...except without the salon! But it's also more durabl … read more

Gel French Manicure With Gel Dipping Powder

Posted by Abbie on May 24th 2016

Dip Gel Makes French Manicures Perfect Every Time Who doesn't love a classic french manicure? It just looks sophisticated and clean. And when you're using Nail Dips gel dipping powder, it's SO easy … read more

How to Remove Nail Dips Gel Powder Polish

Posted by Abbie on May 8th 2016

As easy to remove as it is to apply! The only downside to a super durable gel manicure? They're so strong, they can be hard to remove! Not to worry, though. Nail Dips is just as easy to take off as i … read more